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Jaclyn is a sought after speaker with captivating energy. She leaves her audiences with tangible tools to improve their mindset, build resilience and most importantly, achieve their goals!

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Jaclyn Gallo is a writer, speaker and podcast host. She has published 2 best-selling books and her podcast, Spark Your Light, has over 60,000 downloads in 96 countries. She is a graduate of Georgetown University, an entrepreneurship instructor at Penn State, and she is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the science of how thoughts create behavior (along with 7 other coaching certifications). 

Unlike other speakers who focus on motivation or willpower alone, Jaclyn’s work uses brain science to help audiences stop unconsciously sabotaging their goals. Jaclyn's combination of storytelling, inspiration and tangible takeaways allows audiences to not only feel good in the moment, but also feel good for years to come by implementing the tools and strategies that Jaclyn shares.

Her powerful keynotes have impacted hundreds of thousands of lives on 200+ stages in 7 countries, including the Tedx stage.

Casey Algeo, Internal Events Lead at Comcast YPN, called Jaclyn "a true inspiration and guiding light to all of those who have the privilege to hear her speak and even better yet, engage with her in a live q&a following." 

Speaking Topics

✧Women's Empowerment✧
Bridging the Self-Perception Gender Gap: A Women’s Guide to Positive Self-Image


In a 1978 study published by the Journal of Social Psychology, Dr. Wayne Hogan found that females tend to underestimate their IQ scores, while male counterparts tend to overestimate theirs. Self-perception is directly linked to the outcomes one experiences in life. In order to elevate women, it is essential to improve self-perception. In this keynote, Jaclyn shares easy and practical strategies women can incorporate into their daily routine to improve self-image, and thus, reach their full potential.

Learning Objectives:
-3 strategies to improve self-perception
-How to let go of negative self-talk
-How to form daily habits that reinforce positive self-image

✧Building Resilience✧
The Art of Bouncing Back: How to Embrace Failure & Build Resilience

Most people believe that failure is a part of success. Best-selling author Jaclyn Gallo disagrees. Rather than viewing failure as only a part of success, Jaclyn sees it as the key to success... the secret sauce that so many are searching for. Jaclyn learned this lesson firsthand, when she spent $50,000 (that she won in pitch contests, raised on Kickstarter and borrowed using credit cards) on business ideas that never made it off the ground. In this refreshing keynote, Jaclyn empowers audiences with tangible strategies to embrace failure and build resilience, so they can overcome any challenge life throws at them, and most importantly unlock the limitless potential that’s always been inside of them.

Learning Objectives:
-How to reframe what failure means to you
-How to release shame from past failures
-3 resilience building habits to incorporate into your daily routine



"Jaclyn was the keynote speaker for our Young Professionals Network Month celebrating the many ways to 'make moves' in your career - both from a personal and professional front. With that, our leadership team brainstormed and knew she would be a great fit to close out the month long series of programming! Of course, she proved us right (beyond belief) and delivered such a powerful event with many lessons to takeaway. Jaclyn is so thoughtful and inclusive in her approach when speaking to a wide variety of attendees - majority being members from the YPN employee resource group but several others joined in from departments all over Comcast HQ and our virtual locations as well! She is a true inspiration and guiding light to all of those who have the privilege to hear her speak and even better yet, engage with her in a live q&a following. On behalf of myself and the YPN leadership team, we would be thrilled to have Jaclyn back anytime to speak to our community of Comcasters again. It was such a pleasure to work with her behind the scenes and moderate the session! She is a force to be reckoned with."
-Casey Algeo, Internal Events Lead for YPN Leadership at Comcast HQ 

"Jaclyn Gallo provides professional and personal tactics to increase goals and reach success through her stories of inspiration. Her positive personality shines as she provides concrete examples that move and flow sequentially throughout her presentation. Her genuine need to help others and share her wisdom is refreshing. Our group was delighted with her keynote and open discussion. She is easy to work with and leaves an impact with her audience."
-Nicole Stephenson, Director of the Society of Professional Women

"Jaclyn was our keynote speaker for Rider's Women Entrepreneurship Week and knocked it out of the park! Her storytelling and strategies were so relatable and exactly what our students needed to hear to help them achieve their goals. She has such a positive and infectious energy and has also motivated me to take action using some of her strategies. We're grateful to have had her speak at Rider!"
-Lisa Teach, Director of Entrepreneurial Studies at Rider University

"Jaclyn gave me the courage to go after what I want and be the person I am."
-Madison, Student at University of San Diego

“To see such a successful person on stage talking to me, who once felt exactly the way I feel, made me more excited about my future than I’ve even been before."
-Lizzie, Student at University of Illinois

"At the end of the night, there were happy tears shed, a room of inspired women, + excited twinkles in the eyes of ordinary women who now know they can do extraordinary things!"
-Bess, Rodan and Fields Consultant

"Jaclyn was an incredible speaker to work with! From the initial conversation to the day-of keynote she was professional, asking questions to learn about our event to deliver content that would genuinely help our audience--and she went above and beyond!"
-Valerie Lane, The Millennial Summit Event Organizer

Recent Clients Include

  • Comcast NBC Universal
  • Lenovo
  • The Millennial Summit
  • The Society of Professional Women
  • Social Impact 360
  • She Cares Wellness Summit
  • AOII Alumnae Leadership Conference
  • Women Empower X Conference
  • Level Up Your Business Conference
  • University of Tennessee
  • University of Alabama
  • Princeton University

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