Spark Your Light

You know that incredible feeling when your light is sparked? You might find it while watching the sunset with loved ones, creating momentum towards your dreams or by taking some time to map out your vision, values and goals. Sometimes it’s found in the first sip of morning coffee or in bright smile of your newborn baby.

I have one goal for my life- to feel sparked. And I believe that we have the power to design our lives in a way that sparks our light. This doesn’t mean that we’ll never face challenges or have bad days. In fact, I believe that challenges and failures are essential components to creating a life that sparks you.

My mission for the Spark Your Light Podcast is to help millions of women create lives that spark their light. Through personal stories and expert interviews, I will guide you through designing a life that lights you up inside.


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L I S T E N  N O W
L I S T E N  N O W
L I S T E N  N O W
L I S T E N  N O W
L I S T E N  N O W

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