Hi, I’m Jaclyn. I’m a speaker, writer and life coach helping people create lives that spark the light inside of them. I’m a 2x bestselling author, host of the top 100 podcast Spark Your Light, and Tedx speaker who has delivered keynotes across the globe to organizations including Deloitte and Comcast NBCUniversal. My company, Spark Your Light Studios, has proudly reached millions of women in 96 countries.

My journey began 7 years ago, when I found myself in a corporate internship, as a 21-year-old college student, questioning what I really wanted out of life. I wondered, "Is this it? Is this the best its ever going to get?" I knew that there had to be more out there for me. With no experience and no savings, I took a leap of faith and pursued my first business idea.

It was a total failure, and I spent more than $50,000 (that I won in pitch contests, raised on Kickstarter and borrowed using credit cards) on ideas that never made it off the ground. Applying the lessons from the failures I experienced, I built a thriving company helping women use their failures as a springboard to achieve their goals, just like I did. And that's where it all began.

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