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1:1 Life Coaching

My 1:1 life coaching packages are completely customized to each of my clients personal goals.

My mission is to help my clients create lives they genuinely love. Through our coaching, I help my clients find clarity on their vision, remove the mindset blocks that are holding them back and take action to make their vision a reality.

Below are a few examples of ways I've helped my clients clients positively improve their lives:

  • Make major career changes
  • Pursue new business ideas
  • Land promotions and raises
  • Book speaking engagements
  • Launch podcasts
  • Write books
  • Quit unfulfilling jobs 

My standard 1:1 coaching package includes 6 months of coaching and mentorship, weekly coaching calls and  access to me in-between sessions for questions, sharing updates, etc. This total cost is $8,000 or there is a payment plan option of $1,400 / month.

If you'd like to move forward with private coaching, please send an email to [email protected] and we can get started right away. If you still have questions or want to chat to make sure 1:1 coaching is the best fit for you, schedule a free consultation call here.

What's It Like to Work With Jaclyn?

"Jaclyn is the super-angel-cheerleader I was searching for. Seriously, she should wear a sunshine colored cape! I binged Jaclyn's podcast for a weeks and knew I had to work with her. Her belief that ANYTHING is possible is contagious and awe-inspiring. She held patient, attentive, loving space for me and sat with me in the nitty gritty of my innerworld as I moved obstacles I couldn't quite see alone. With Jaclyn, she always offered her own personal experience, compassionate listening, and several strategies I could play with to shift my mindset. In the short three months I worked with her, I felt my belief in myself grow exponentially and the life that I used to think was not possible became POSSIBLE. I also want to share that I am a bit older than Jaclyn, and was concerned I would struggle to relate to her. In our work together, I never felt this as an obstacle and I appreciated Jaclyn's youthful energy and passion and her wise beyond her years insight."

"I first want to say that Jaclyn is literally the best thing that’s happened to my life and business. She completely changed the way I viewed life, money, and my success. I came to her wanting to hit an income goal and wanting to fall in love with my current circumstances even if I wasn’t currently hitting my goals. And OMG not even a month later I hit my income goal for three months straight without having to sell anything else as well as I literally became a manifesting master. I started to fall so much in love with my life you wouldn’t even believe. She helped me get my happiness back and start working on getting my heath back. She’s literally an angel so work with her. I promise you you won’t regret it even in the tiniest bit. She helps you in one area of your life and it reflects on all areas of your life she’s magical."

"Jaclyn has been instrumental in helping me change my mindset. She's helped me implement a daily visualization practice and was the first to tell me that any of my major dreams are absolutely possible. I'm so thankful for the impact Jaclyn has had on both my personal and professional lives because of this."

“While working with Jaclyn, I gained clarity on my vision from her knowledge and guidance as well as action steps to implement. She has helped me grow by giving me insight into my limiting beliefs and how to shift my mindset. I’m more aligned with my purpose and more confident.”

"Working with Jaclyn has been game-changing for my life. When I first met Jaclyn I was confused about what to do with my life and couldn't seem to get out of my own way. In just a single-session with Jaclyn, I was able to gain the clarity I had been struggling to find for years on my own. With Jaclyn's support and guidance, I was not only able to find the clarity I had been so desperately looking for, but I was able to take the action steps to start making my dream life a reality. I can't thank Jaclyn enough for her mentorship in helping me make massive, life-changing shifts. If you're looking for someone to help you get out of your own way so you can build a life you love, Jaclyn is it."

"Working with Jaclyn has been an amazing experience. Within only 3 months I had a complete mindset shift and can’t even recognise the person I used to be before the coaching program. I learned a lot of techniques to improve my mindset and started reflecting more often on my behaviour, which helped me to better myself each and every day. But the most valuable skill I learned from Jaclyn was the art of self coaching. Whenever I face a challenge I am now able to coach myself through it and I am extremely grateful for that. I am so glad to have worked with her and can’t recommend her coaching program enough!"

 "Jaclyn has helped me so much over this past year and has really been a grounding force as the tides of the sea keep coming in. Don’t think that Jaclyn can only help you with what she’s comfortable with, she’s an expert at coaching through any problem and always provides an easy manageable way of seeing anything life throws your way. Thank you Jaclyn! I am so glad to have your support."